Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Strips

Laundry Detergent Strips With a Fresh Scent

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  • Powerful detergent in a compact, eco-friendly strip!
  • No plastic jug waste!
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Perfect fresh scent
  • Convenient for homes, dorms, laundromats, camping, travel and more!
  • Works with any wash cycle, and HE washers.
  • Use for 48 loads.
  • Easy as 1-2-3:
    1. Place strip(s) in the washing machine drum.
    2. Add the laundry.
    3. Start your preferred wash cycle.

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    Why the Smart Sheep Brand?

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    Dryer balls manufactured through ethical fair trade practices in Nepal

    Provides well-paying job opportunities for marginalized Women in Kathmandu

    Inspected and packaged by moms working flexible hours in the U.S.

    We only use high-quality, New Zealand wool, humanely sourced (no bleach!)

    Detergent Strips FAQ

    Where do you put detergent strips?

    You place a detergent strip in the washing machine drum. To achieve the best results, toss the strip into the wash drum before loading it with laundry.

    Do laundry strips ruin clothes?

    Laundry strips will not ruin your clothes. When used correctly, they are safe and gentle on fabrics. Their concentrated formula ensures effective cleaning without causing damage or fading to your garments. Always follow the instructions provided and test a small area if unsure.

    Do laundry strips work in cold or hot water?

    Laundry strips can be used in both cold and hot water. They dissolve in hot, warm, and cold water equally well.

    Do detergent strips expire?

    Laundry strips do not usually expire. However, if they are not properly stored or are exposed to extreme conditions, their effectiveness may diminish over time. To maintain their quality, laundry strips should be used within a reasonable timeframe and stored in a cool, dry place.

    Do laundry detergent strips eliminate the need for measuring and messy liquids?

    Premeasured detergent strips make laundry easier. Simply grab a strip, toss it in the wash, and enjoy a convenient and mess-free cleaning experience.

    What are Detergent Strips?

    Detergent strips are pre-measured, concentrated sheets of laundry detergent that dissolve in water. Our detergent strips are rectangular, biodegradable detergent sheets that dissolve quickly in water to remove stains and odors from clothing. 

    How to Use Detergent Strips?

    No mess, no measuring, and no complicated instructions—our detergent strips are so simple to use. Just toss a strip into each load of laundry. 2 strips if your load is large or especially dirty. 

    1. To use, simply tear off a premeasured strip.
    2. Place the strip into the washing machine drum.
    3. Add the laundry.
    4. Start your preferred wash cycle.
    5. When washed, place your load into the dryer and add our wool dryer balls to finish your laundry process.

    The Benefits of Detergent Strips

    Our detergent strips are the perfect eco-friendly laundry product for your washing process. Here are some of the benefits they have to offer.

    • Our laundry strips are highly concentrated for effective stain removal and odor elimination, leaving your clothes fresh and clean.
    • Our plastic-free detergent strips are a more sustainable option than traditional detergents because they are made with fewer chemicals and packaging materials. They dissolve completely in water, leaving no microplastics behind and minimizing the environmental impact.
    • Our laundry strips are an excellent choice for people who live in small apartments or are constantly on the go. They take up very little space in a suitcase or a storage closet because they are thin and lightweight. This makes them an ideal choice for travelers, college students, and anyone who values convenience and simplicity.
    • Unlike liquid or powder detergents, laundry strips require no measuring or pouring. Simply grab a strip and toss it into the washing machine for hassle-free laundry.
    • Laundry strips can be used for various types of laundry, including regular clothes, delicates, and even baby clothes. They're also gentler on fabrics and less likely to cause fading or pilling.

    Detergent Strips vs. Liquid Laundry Detergents

    Liquid detergents can cause a range of problems for our planet and for people. The best eco-friendly detergent strips can help avoid some of these problems. Here’s why our strips are the best money can buy.

    • Work just as well as traditional detergents
    • Take up less space than the average detergent container
    • No mess in measuring or pouring
    • Reduce the amount of plastic waste
    • Zero-waste packaging
    • Made primarily from plant-based ingredients
    • Travel friendly
    • Available without added fragrance, making them suitable for individuals with dry or sensitive skin

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