Tennis Balls vs Wool Dryer Balls for Laundry

Some people don’t mind using dryer sheets. But not you. You’re different. You can’t stop thinking about all the chemical residues coating your clothes, and building up inside your dryer. You think about your baby’s eczema and can’t help but wonder if those dryer sheets have something to do with it. You also hate sending so many dryer sheets to a landfill. So you check the vast expanse of the Internet for answers and find an interesting solution:  tennis balls.

As soon as you can, you go to the store to buy some tennis balls. You can’t help but wait anxiously for laundry day to give your new fuzzy friends a chance to prove themselves.

The time comes. You throw in some sheets, some clothes, a down jacket, and a few new tennis balls. You wait until 10 minutes before your clothes are usually done, and rush to the dryer to open the door. But instead of flowers and lavender, it smells of plastic and . . . is that the park? Weird. But they are dry, and relatively fluffy. You pull them out and see tons of little static sparks. And is that neon dye on that jacket?

A wave of annoyance and dissatisfaction washes over you. What now? You figure the tennis balls are worth it if they help your baby, but at the same time, you can’t help but contemplate your future as a walking electrostatic tennis ball. You start to wonder if maybe there is no perfect solution to this whole dryer sheet thing.

Then, when things look most bleak, a friend comes to you, picks you up out of your pile of clothes and stinky tennis balls, and hands you a Smart Sheep dryer ball.

It’s small, and white, and made of wool; it doesn’t smell like the backside of a park, or melting plastic... “Try it,” your friend says.

So you do.

Turns out, these little woolly dryer balls are actually heroes in disguise; they do what the dryer sheets and tennis balls do, only the dryer balls do it better. They naturally shorten your drying times, reduce the static, soften the fabric, and reduce tangling. Now you open your dryer door, and there are no funny smells. You use them stress-free when drying your baby’s clothes and then gasp when you learn that they’ll last long enough to dry your next baby’s clothes too.

This is the Smart Sheep dryer ball experience. This is your experience. Or at least it could be. Try a few Smart Sheep dryer balls for your experience now.