Wool Dryer Balls

Wool Dryer Balls

100% New Zealand wool handfelted dryer balls.

What are Wool Dryer Balls?

Our wool dryer balls are made of the finest New Zealand wool and are about the size of a softball. They offer an effective, eco-friendly alternative to fabric softener or dryer sheets. These balls soften clothes, combat static, and reduce drying time. As they bounce around in the dryer, they create better air circulation and gently massage the fibers of your clothes, resulting in quicker drying and softer, fluffier laundry.

These woolen wonders replace disposable dryer sheets, saving you money, and reducing waste. They're also gentle on sensitive skin and free from synthetic fragrances and dyes. Our wool dryer balls are a smart, eco-friendly solution that makes laundry a breeze.

Plus, you can spray them with our essential oil spray to make your laundry come out of the dryer smelling fantastic.

The Best Wool Dryer Balls

In a world inundated with laundry products, it can be a challenge to identify those that truly deliver on their promises. At Smart Sheep, we believe in crafting environmentally-friendly laundry products that are as effective as they are ethical. Our wool dryer balls are a testament to this commitment, standing out as a beacon of quality in a sea of mediocrity. What sets our wool dryer balls apart? Let's dive into the specifics:

  1. We use only the purest quality material: high-grade, humanely sourced, unbleached New Zealand wool. This guarantees the best performance and durability.
  2. Our dryer balls are not mass-produced: they are handcrafted with attention to detail. Our artisans in Nepal, primarily women, carefully felt each ball, creating a product that's as unique and effective.
  3. We are proud to support ethical labor practices. The creation of our wool dryer balls provides well-paying jobs for marginalized communities in Kathmandu, and the packaging process supports moms working flexible hours in the U.S.
  4. Our dryer balls are not just an eco-friendly alternative to chemical-laden dryer sheets, they are a superior choice. They soften and fluff your laundry naturally, saving you time, energy, and money over a lifespan of over 1,000 loads.
  5. We are passionate about customer satisfaction and stand by the quality of our products. From the meticulous crafting process to the final quality inspection, we ensure that every Smart Sheep wool dryer ball is a product we're proud of.

The Benefits of Wool Dryer Balls

Our wool dryer balls are 100% natural, non-toxic, and make your clothes oh-so-soft. And guess what? They also come with a plethora of other benefits. From reducing drying time and saving energy to replacing disposable, chemically-laden dryer sheets, these little woolen powerhouses are here to transform how you do laundry. 

Let’s see what benefits wool dryer balls have to offer.

Accelerate Drying Time

Wool dryer balls could speed up your drying process by a whopping 25%! These nifty balls absorb surplus moisture and create air pockets between your laundry items. The result is a quicker drying time thanks to improved airflow in the dryer.

Reduce Wrinkles

Wool dryer balls work their magic by keeping your clothes moving and preventing them from sticking to the dryer's sides. This enhanced tumble action means fewer wrinkles.

Quieter Operation

Wool dryer balls are a quieter alternative to plastic dryer balls or tennis balls because they are softer and less rigid.

No Unwanted Fragrance

Wool dryer balls are ideal for those with allergies, asthma, or sensitivity to fragrances. They are free of artificial fragrances. If you do miss that fresh laundry smell, you can still add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or buy our all-natural scenting spray, available in lemon, orange, or lavender.

Environmentally Friendly

Our wool dryer balls are crafted from renewable, natural wool, promoting sustainability. Their ability to reduce drying time leads to significant energy savings and decreases carbon emissions. Unlike disposable dryer sheets, which contribute to landfill waste, our wool dryer balls are reusable for up to 1000 loads and biodegradable at the end of their lifespan. By replacing chemical-based fabric softeners or dryer sheets, they prevent harmful substances from entering water systems, thus safeguarding aquatic ecosystems.

And guess what else? Wool dryer balls can be super cute. Check out our little penguins, puppies, and sheep.

How to Use Wool Dryer Balls?

Dryer balls are super easy to use.

  1. Toss your dryer balls in with your wet laundry. Dryer balls need space to bounce around and circulate air, so don’t overfill the dryer.
  2. Close the door and start the dryer.
  3. Keep an eye on your laundry, because the drying time will be shorter than it would be without dryer balls.
  4. Take your clothes out of the dryer and store the balls somewhere dry to avoid dampness and odors.

Bonus Tip: For fresh-smelling clothes, spritz your dryer balls with our Anti-Static Scenting Spray for the ultimate in freshness. 

How Long Do Wool Dryer Balls Last?

Wool dryer balls can last for as many as 1,000 laundry cycles. This means that each ball should serve you for nearly three years if you're running your dryer daily. 

Store your wool dryer balls properly to prolong their life. They should be kept in a cool, dry place when not in use. Ensure that they are completely dry before storing them to prevent mold or mildew. By taking the appropriate precautions, your Smart Sheep dryer balls will be happy and healthy for many years.

How to Recharge Wool Dryer Balls

With prolonged use, wool dryer balls may start to lose their efficiency in absorbing moisture in the dryer. Recharge wool dryer balls every 3-4 months, or as needed, with the following routine.

  1. Wash your wool dryer balls in the washing machine on a gentle cycle using hot water. This gets rid of any lint and fiber accumulation, and more importantly, it rehydrates them. Reviving the over-dried wool fibers boosts their moisture absorption capacity. They can be washed alone or with laundry. 
  2. Run your wool dryer balls through a high-heat cycle in your clothes dryer. They can be dried solo or with a full load. Freshly washed and wet dryer balls won't speed up the drying process. They might even slightly prolong it due to their waterlogged state. 
  3. The wool dryer balls are now refreshed and primed for action. Add them to your next laundry load and enjoy efficient, eco-friendly drying once again!

What to Do With Used Wool Dryer Balls

Once it’s time to retire your wool dryer balls, you can use them in many ways. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Add essential oils to them and place them in a corner to freshen your air.
  • Add essential oils to them and tuck them into a closet to freshen your linens. Our anti-static essential oil scenting spray is perfect for this.
  • Practice juggling.
  • Play throw and catch with your dog.
  • Use them as pin cushions.
  • Use them as therapy balls.
  • Invent a new sport. Maybe it’ll be accepted in the Olympics one day.

DIY Wool Dryer Balls

Making your own wool dryer balls is a rewarding endeavor for those with dedication and time. This DIY project isn't for the faint-hearted, but the satisfaction of using something you've crafted with your own hands is unparalleled. When you're tumbling your very own, handcrafted dryer balls in your laundry, you'll find that the effort was well worth it. 

Materials needed:

  1. 100% wool yarn or old 100% wool sweaters, scarves or blankets.
  2. Pantyhose or old tights.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Washing machine and dryer.
  5. Optional: 100% wool roving or essential oils for scent.

Step 1: Start Your Ball

Start by winding the end of the wool yarn around your two fingers. Wrap the yarn around itself tightly for about 10-20 times.

Step 2: Shape the Ball

Remove the yarn from your fingers and start wrapping it into a ball shape. Continue wrapping tightly until your ball is the desired size. A good size is roughly that of a tennis ball.

Step 3: Cut the Yarn and Tuck Ends

Once your ball is the desired size, cut the yarn and tuck the ends into the sides of the ball. This will help keep it from unraveling.

Step 4: Use Pantyhose to Secure the Ball

Take pantyhose or tights, put the ball into the foot part, and tie a knot right above the ball to secure it. For subsequent balls, you can tie off the pantyhose on either side of the ball.

Step 5: Repeat

Repeat the process until you have made the desired number of balls, each secured and separated along the pantyhose.

Step 6: Felt the Balls

Put your strung-together wool balls in the washing machine and wash with hot water and a cold rinse. This process will cause the wool to felt, creating a solid ball. You can add towels or jeans to aid agitation.

Step 7: Dry the Balls

After washing, dry the wool balls thoroughly in the dryer at the highest heat setting.

Step 8: Remove from Pantyhose

Once completely dry, remove the balls from the pantyhose. They should be solid and tightly felted.

Step 9: Optional Scenting

If you'd like, you can add a few drops of essential oil or spritz our essential oil anti-static scenting spray with orange, lemon, or lavender.

Step 10: Use and Enjoy!

Your homemade wool dryer balls are now ready for use. Simply toss them into your dryer with your wet clothes and start the cycle as you normally would.

Wool Dryer Balls vs Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are single-use, creating unnecessary waste with each load of laundry. What’s more, they usually contain synthetic fragrances and chemicals that can irritate people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Wool dryer balls, such as those from Smart Sheep, are a far more awesome and eco-friendly option. These balls, made of 100% natural wool, are reusable for up to a thousand loads, significantly reducing waste. They naturally soften fabric, reduce static electricity, and reduce drying times, thereby saving energy. 

When combined with our anti-static spray, wool dryer balls can provide a customizable, natural scent to your laundry without the use of synthetic fragrances or chemicals. They not only provide a more environmentally friendly option, but they also transform your laundry routine into a sensorial, eco-conscious experience.

Buy our Smart Sheep 6-pack Playful Pups wool dryer balls!

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Wool Dryer Balls FAQ

What are wool dryer balls and how do they work?

Wool dryer balls are a natural fabric softener made from 100% organic wool. Wool dryer balls work by creating space for hot air to circulate more effectively. This helps dry clothes faster, thus saving time and energy. Wool balls replace dryer sheets and are a more sustainable choice, as they are reusable for hundreds of washes.

Do wool dryer balls smell bad?

Wool dryer balls are unscented. Buy our essential oil spray to make them smell like lavender or citrus. 

How does using wool dryer balls impact the dry cycle?

Using wool dryer balls in your dry cycle aids in shortening drying time by allowing hot air to circulate more freely around your laundry. This also means your laundry will dry quicker. Though some may find that dryer balls create a lot of noise in the dryer, the benefits of energy efficiency and their natural fabric softening properties often outweigh this minor inconvenience.

Are wool balls worth it for the dryer?

Yes, wool balls are worth it. Dryer balls can significantly reduce drying times (sometimes by 25%), soften clothes, and, when used correctly, reduce static in your laundry. Wool dryer balls are particularly useful because, unlike plastic and rubber balls, they operate quietly.

How many wool balls are needed for a dryer?

Use from 3 to 12 wool dryer balls per laundry load. For small to regular-sized loads, three balls are sufficient. For large loads, 6-8 balls, and for extra large loads, as many as 8-12 balls.

Is there a difference in dryer balls?

Dryer balls come primarily in wool and plastic variants. Wool balls are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and can absorb moisture, reducing drying time. Plastic balls are noisy and have a negative impact on the environment.

Can you use tennis balls as dryer balls?

Wool dryer balls are superior to tennis balls in every way in the domain of laundry. You can use tennis balls in your dryer, they are much louder than wool dryer balls and are less effective. Nothing can compare to our wool dryer balls.

How do you recharge wool dryer balls?

Restore your dryer balls by placing them in hot water on a gentle cycle and drying them in the dryer. This will regenerate the wool and recharge them.

Do wool dryer balls get moldy?

Wool dryer balls do not usually get moldy. Because the wool won’t hold onto moisture, there is low risk of mildew or mold.

Can you use dryer balls with bath towels?

Our wool dryer balls are great for bath towels. They work equally well for clothing, bedding, and other types of laundry.

Can wool dryer balls be used with any type of clothing?

Yes, wool dryer balls can be used with all types of clothing. However, for optimal use, it's best to separate laundry into similar fabric types, just as you would typically. This helps ensure even drying and prevents any potential damage to delicate items.

How do wool dryer balls compare to other laundry products?

Wool dryer balls serve as an excellent alternative to dryer sheets. Unlike traditional dryer sheets, wool dryer balls are handmade from organic wool, ensuring a chemical-free laundry experience. This makes them a preferred choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. A wool dryer ball set replaces and outlasts many boxes of dryer sheets, making them a cost-effective and eco-friendly option.

Can I use essential oil blends with wool dryer balls and how?

Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil blends to your wool dryer balls can give your laundry a fresh and pleasing aroma. Once your laundry load is dry, take the wool dryer balls and apply 2-3 drops of your chosen essential oil blend to each ball. Then, toss them back into the dryer and run on an 'Air Fluff' or 'No Heat' cycle for 10 minutes. The heat will help disperse the fragrance on your clothes.

Are detergent strips better than powder?

A detergent strip is a great alternative to traditional detergent. They dissolve in either hot or cold water. Powdered detergents may not dissolve completely and might leave residue in the washer. Laundry strips create no mess and provide a smarter way to clean laundry.

What eco-friendly laundry products does Smart Sheep offer?

At Smart Sheep, you can find the following eco-friendly laundry products:

  • wool dryer balls
  • stain sticks
  • detergent strips
  • essential oil scenting sprays