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Natural Dryer Sheet Alternatives

doing laundry with an alternative to dryer sheets

We all love warm and soft clothes right out of the dryer, but traditional dryer sheets can be more harmful when it comes to drying clothes and keeping your family safe.

Why Use Dryer Sheet Alternatives?

Many moms have been ditching dryer sheets and opting for better dryer sheet alternatives. Traditional dryer sheets, fragrance-free or not, have been known to be full of toxic chemicals. Those chemicals then transfer to our clothing which in turn is absorbed through the skin, which is why it has become more and more apparent that natural laundry products are a positive solution. There are seven common chemicals found in dryer sheets that can affect the central nervous system: Alpha-Terpineol, Benzyl Alcohol, Camphor, Chloroform, Ethyl Acetate, Linalool, and Pentane. These chemicals can cause central nervous system disorders, headaches, nausea, dizziness, narcosis, loss of muscular coordination, and depression.

Wool Dryer Balls

Our all natural dryer balls are 100% wool. No chemicals and no synthetics. Wool dryer balls are a great alternative to dryer sheets and work as a chemical free fabric softener. Wool dryer balls work by bouncing around in your dryer, lifting and separating clothes, and increasing hot air flow. Wool dryer balls shorten drying time while softening fabric and reducing static. No more tangled bed sheets. Smart Sheep dryer balls use 100% premium New Zealand wool and will last for years. Wool dryer balls are more quiet and gentle on clothing than other dryer sheet alternatives available. Using Smart Sheep dryer balls will save your skin from the harmful chemicals in dryer sheets while making your clothes soft and static free.