Detergent Strips + Stain Stick Bundle (save 10%!)

Eco-friendly Detergent Strips + Top Secret Stain Stick (save 10%!)

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Eco-Friendly Detergent Strips:

*Powerful detergent in a compact, eco-friendly strip!
*No plastic jug waste!
*Great for sensitive skin
*Perfect fresh scent
*Convenient for homes, dorms, laundromats, camping, travel and more!
*Works with any wash cycle, and HE washers.
*Use for 48 loads.
*Easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Place strip(s) in the washing machine drum.
  2. Add the laundry.
  3. Start your preferred wash cycle.

Top Secret Stain Stick:

*Ditch Stains With Less Work - Discover the Smart Sheep top secret stain stick and get gleaming laundry effortlessly. Your purchase today comes with 2 sticks of our powerful laundry stain remover. Your stain-fighting secret is safe with us!
*Unbelievably Effective & Easy To Use - Smart Sheep stain remover for clothes helps remove stubborn stains in 3 easy steps. Our unbelievably effective stain remover works on most baby, food, drink, pet, grass, and blood stains.
*Super Convenient & Safe - The Smart Sheep spot remover for clothes is crafted with a top-secret formulation that’s gentle on the skin, safe for kiddos, and super effective. Your new stain treater is perfect for home or travel.
*Reduced-Waste Packaging - We care about mother earth as much as you do! That’s why our stain stick laundry stain remover is made with compact, paper packaging. Your purchase comes in a compact box to help reduce environmental impact.

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Why the Smart Sheep Brand?

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Dryer balls manufactured through ethical fair trade practices in Nepal

Provides well-paying job opportunities for marginalized Women in Kathmandu

Inspected and packaged by moms working flexible hours in the U.S.

We only use high-quality, New Zealand wool, humanely sourced (no bleach!)