We did it, with YOUR help! 4,000 amazon reviews!

Everytime we hit another 1,000 reivews on Amazon, we do a little celebration over here at Smart Sheep home headquarters.  Last weekend we hit a milestone of 4,000 reviews for our wool dryer balls and other laundry products!  Thank you for your support and feedback, as always.  Here are a few recent ones:

Great find!
I didn't know quite what to expect at first. They are not silent, but they are very good at helping the clothes dry a bit faster and so far, no clinging. I put a couple of drops of lavender oil on them when doing the sheets, gave a nice fragrance to everything. I have used about 50 times and I like them a great deal. I would recommend them. One may get lost in a sleeve once in a while and I have to go looking for it.

--Pat. S.
Replaced Chemical Laden Dryer Sheets

These are great to replace your chemical laden dryer sheets. I was not using dryer sheets anyway because my daughter proved to me that if you use dryer sheets, then go to rinse out your dryer lint trap under water, the water will not leak through... it is like it sealed up the holes. She said it does the same things to towels and they will not be as absorbent when using dryer sheets.

these dryer balls work great. I sprinkle essential oils on the balls and my laundry comes out naturally scented.
Thank you for a great, natural product that I feel great about using.
--Vickey M.
Excellent Product for Reasonable Price
I love these wool dryer balls. They arrived quickly and work exceptionally well, including softening and reducing static cling in towels. Will buy again.

Fantastic...love that they are natural and not plastic. My clothes dry a minimum of 15 minutes faster. I will purchase more when these are gone. I've used them for several weeks now and just love how well they work. I do continue to use fabric softener, but only for the purpose of static.

One thing to keep in mind though, you must empty the lint tray after every dryer load. Since they are wool and natural, they do leave quite of bit in the lint tray. However the pros far out way the one con!
Work Well
We really like these. They are loud, but that is to be expected, they are balls bouncing around in your dryer, we just don't run the dryer at night. They work well. I do not notice the drying time being less, but that may just be us and our old dryer. But I do like that I don't have to always buy dryer sheets and since they are unscented, we can use them while drying our baby clothes too.
--By "T"