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Wholesale & Co-Op Pricing On All Natural Dryer Balls


Do you own a health food store, a natural supplement store, a baby boutique or sell at a farmer's market?  Maybe you own your own business selling essential oils?  If so, our Smart Sheep natural dryer balls may be a great addition to the products you carry. Contact us at for more info on wholesale pricing of our wool dryer balls. 


We also sell our all-natural, essential oil, anti-static scenting sprays at wholesale prices.  Our sprays come in three scents--lavender, lemon, and orange.  They lightly scent laundry while reducing static.


Co-op Pricing:

Are you part of a Mom's Group, Diaper Swap,  or Bulk-Buying Co-op?  Contact me for very special discounts on your group purchase of our natural dryer balls, the Smart Sheep Dryer Ball.  Must purchase a minimum of 15 sets and be shipped to the same address.  Co-op must cover shipping charges.  For more info on purchasing or on our dryer balls in general, email us at  Thanks!

Please note, we cannot offer free shipping on our wholesale or co-op orders.