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10 Cleaning Hacks for Parents

Kids are wonderful and can bring so much joy to your life. But we all know as parents that it can be hard to keep up with your kiddos when you are also trying to keep the house clean. In order to keep your house clean and tidy as a parent, you need these cleaning hacks! Here at Smart Sheep Dryer Balls, we understand the need for a couple cleaning shortcuts, so we put together this list to make your life easier:

1) Make Laundry Day Quicker

Laundry day. It always seems to last the whole day. Having kids increases the amount of loads of laundry dramatically. To make things go quicker use wool dryer balls to shorten your drying time. They even help sheets stay untangled which also saves time. These wool dryer balls are made to last and can be used for 1,000 plus loads.

2) Stop Glitter Disasters

lint roller

Glitter can be the worst part of craft time when it comes to clean up. It gets everywhere and stays there. After you have vacuumed up all you can, use a lint roller to pick up the excess. This will make cleaning up after craft time a breeze.

3) An Unconventional Way to Clean Toys

Toys can get pretty dirty in the hands of little ones. They chew on them, bring them outside, and overall just get stuff on them. That’s why this next hack is so great. The dishwasher is not just for dishes; it can be used to clean and disinfect toys. Just throw them into the top part of the dishwasher and let it run.

4) Baby Wipes, Baby Wipes, and More Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are Jack-of-all-trades when it comes to kid messes. Even if you are past the point of changing diapers, these bad boys can be really useful in keeping things clean. You can use these secret weapons to clean anything from car seat straps to food messes.

5) Kids Can Help Clean Mattresses

boy jumping on bed

If cleaning your mattress is not on your to do list, typically you are not alone. It is usually something you don’t think about, but it is good to clean it every month. You can even have your kids help out with this one. Have your kiddos jump on your bed. This will bring the dust up from inside. Then once they're done having a blast, break out the vacuum and use that on the mattress top. Cleaning and entertainment all wrapped up in one!

6) Dawn + Hydrogen Peroxide = A Match Made In Heaven

sister with baby brother dressed in white

Babies are adorable and when they are not giggling and cooing they are getting their clothes dirty without any care in the world. Here is a hack that will remove most messes from your baby’s onesie: Dawn dish soap + hydrogen peroxide. Mix together and pour directly on stain or spill. This can even work on grown-up spills too.

7) Playtime Contained

child playing in inflatable pool

Tidying up can be hard to do with a little toddler around. It seems like everything you do is undone by your little explorer. The solution? Fill up your inflatable pool, put their favorite toys in there, and have them let loose. This contains them in a safe environment and keeps them busy while you are tidying up the house.

8) Dolls Needing to Be Detangled?

Barbie doll with tangled hair

The more your child plays with dolls, the rattier the doll’s hair gets. A quick fix to this problem is to use a fabric softener as a doll hair detangler. This way your kids can do as many hairstyles as they want on their dolls without destroying their favorite toy.

9) Clean Up After Your Sharpie Artist

toothbrush with toothpaste

Permanent markers are a useful tool in the right situation, typically in adult hands. However, they can be a source of terror for parents when the kids get a hold of them. Toothpaste can be a lifesaver in some of these situations. The hack is to use toothpaste to remove permanent marker from hardwood floors.

10) Make Your Family’s Clothes Softer


Having soft clothes is important to children (and who are we kidding? adults, too). But, fabric softeners can be expensive and harmful to your dryer. Wool dryer balls from Smart Sheep act as a natural fabric softener. This natural alternative saves your dryer from residues left from chemical fabric softeners.